Friday, March 11, 2011

[REVIEW] WSL - Usiminas / Minas overcomes Pinheiros / Mackenzie

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In a stunning upset, the Usiminas / Minas (MG) achieved, in this THURSDAY (10.03), its 13th victory in the Superleague Women's Volleyball 10/11. The Minas Gerais team lost the first two sets to Pinheiros / Mackenzie (SP), but found the strength to react and make 3-2 (23/25, 18/25, 26/24, 25/15 and 15/12), beating the Sao Paulo team in the match held at the Arena Vivo in Belo Horizonte. The game was valid for the eighth round of return.

The main highlight of the match was the Cuban outside hitter Herrera, from Usiminas / Minas. The Caribbean attacker scored 26 points, was the highest scorer of the clash and received the trophy VivaVôlei.

With the victory, the Usiminas / Minas reaches the mark of 32 points with 13 wins and six defeats. The Pinheiros / Mackenzie has one point more than the Minas Gerais team, with 14 positive results and five negative.

In the ninth round of the return, the Pinheiros / Mackenzie will face the BMG / Mackenzie (SP), in the SATURDAY (12/03), 11am, at the Arena BMG, in Belo Horizonte. On the same day, the Usiminas / Minas play again in the Arena VIVO, where will measure forces with the Sollys / Osasco, at 15h, and will be broadcast live by Sportv and Esporte Interativo.
Usiminas Minas 3 x 2 Pinheiros Mackenzie
(23/25, 18/25, 26/24, 25/15 and 15/12

Matchday: March 10, 2011 
Arena: VIVO, Belo Horizonte (MG)
Game Time: 131m
Top scorer: Herrera (Usiminas)
- 26pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Herrera (Usiminas)
Attendance: 807


USIMINAS/MINAS – Claudinha, Nicole Fawcett, Herrera, Michelle, Renata and Natasha. Líbero – Tassia
Replacements – Silvana, Ingrid and Kenia
Head Coach – Jarbas Soares

PINHEIROS/MACKENZIE – Fabíola, Lia, Soninha, Ju Costa, Marina and Natália. Líbero – Suelen
Replacements – Ivna, Verônica, Ana, Karine and Michelle
Head Coach – Paulo Coco

Complete Match Stats: HERE [in Portuguese]
Source: CBV [in Portuguese]

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