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Leader of the regular season of the Men's Superleague 10/11, SESI-SP got a shock in first game of the quarter-final against Medley / Campinas (SP) in this MONDAY (21/03). At home, the team led by coach Giovane Gavio lost the first set but fought back and won: three sets to one (19/25, 25/23, 25/22 and 25/15), at Sesi's gym, Vila Leopoldina, Sao Paulo.

With the result, SESI-SP need just one more victory to claim a berth in the semifinals. The next game between the teams will be on THURSDAY (24.03), 19h, at the gym Taquaral in Campinas. The channel Sportv will broadcast the duel live. With a win, the team from Sampa City will move to the next stage. Otherwise, hey will need a third game on SATURDAY (26/03), again at the SESI Vila Leopoldina Gymnasium, starting at 19h30.

The highlight of the match was the outside hitter Murilo Endres, of Sesi-SP. The best player of the last World Championship was voted best player of the match and won the Trophy VivaVôlei. Murilo was also the highest scorer of the clash, with 19 hits - 13 spikes, five blocks and one from serve.

The game

With one good service and one effective blocking, Medley / Campinas started up front. After the passage of the central Gustavão on the serve, the visitors opened 15 / 8. The coach of Sesi-SP, Giovane Gavio, switched setters: Sandro came out and Jotinha joined the team on the court. The home side improved. After a string of errors by opposite Franco, from Medley / Campinas, the difference dropped to five points (22/17). But the reaction was not enough to prevent the victory of the Campinas team by 25/19 after the ace of Franco.

Sesi-SP came back better in the second set, and reached the first technical stop ahead (8 / 6). Medley / Campinas continued efficient in blocking and serve and even get ahead (14/12). The entrance of the opposite Leo and setter Jotinha helped the home team, which regained control of the match in the 20th point. With fewer errors, Sesi-SP scored 25/23, and tied the game in sets.

In the third set, Sesi-SP kept pace on the court. The home team has distributed the ball well and made ​​it difficult to mark for Medley / Campinas. At the first technical break, the advantage was five points (8 / 3). On the second, of six points (16/10). The visitors made a minor reaction and decreased the difference (23/21). But in the counter-attack of Wallace, SESI-SP scored 25/22 and turned the match to their side.

Sesi-SP dominated the fourth partial from the beginning. Led by the star outside hitter Murilo, the hosts dictated the tempo, while Medley / Campinas production fell and committed an excessive number of errors. The advantage of Sesi-SP was six points in the second technical stop (16/10). Then, the Sampa City team scored 25/15, sealing the victory.

SESI São Paulo 3 x 1 Medley Campinas
(19/25, 25/23, 25/22 and 25/15

Matchday: March 21, 2011 
Arena: SESI Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo (SP)
Game Time: 111m
Top scorer: Murilo Endres (SESI
-SP) - 19pts
Attendance: 850

VivaVôlei Trophy: Murilo Endres (SESI-SP)


SESI-SP – Sandro, Wallace, Thiago Alves, Murilo, Sidão and Vini. Líbero - Serginho
Replacements – Jotinha, Léo and Everton
Head Coach – Giovane Gavio

MEDLEY/CAMPINAS – Gelinksi, Franco, Thiago Sens, André Lukianetz, André Heller and Gustavão. Líbero – Lukinha.
Replacements – Mão, Wanderson, Daniel and Jamelão
Head Coach – Cacá Bizzocchi

Complete Match Stats: HERE [in Portuguese]
Source: CBV [in Portuguese]  
Match Photo Gallery: HERE
Watch Full Match: HERE

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