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[REVIEW] MSL - Soya / Blumenau / Mart Plus surprises Londrina / Sercomtel

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After defeating the Cimed Florianópolis (SC) in the last round, the Londrina / Sercomtel (PR) was surprised at home by Soya / Blumenau / Mart Plus (SC) this FRIDAY (04/03). In a spetacular comeback the visitors won, in a balanced match, the home team by 3 sets to 2 (18/25, 25/22, 22/25, 25/20 and 18/16) in the gymnasium Moringão in Londrina (PR) in a match postponed for the ninth round from re-turn of the Superleague Men's 10/11.

The outside hittter Schueroff, of Soya / Blumenau / Mart Plus, was the name of the game. The attacker entered during the match and was decisive in the victory. At the final of the confrontation, was voted best player and won the Trophy VivaVôlei.

In the battle for a place among the top eight who will move into the quarter-finals, the Londrina / Sercomtel know that with the defeat, the path became more complicated. 

Despite the defeat, the Londrina / Sercomtel remained in seventh place overall. The Soya / Blumenau / Plus Mart remained in 13th place.

The Londrina / Sercomtel will have to concentrate during the carnival. The reason is that the team's first match after the carnival period will be against Vôlei Futuro (SP), the team that is in eighth place and it's direct rival for a place in the quarter-finals. The clash will be on THURSDAY (10/03) starting from 20h/8pm (BRT) at the gym Plácido Rocha in Araçatuba (SP), home of the opponent.

Already the Soya / Blumenau / Mart Plus will play once more outside home. The opponent will be the traditional Vivo / Minas (MG), four times champions of the Superleague. The Duel will also be on next Thursday at the Arena Vivo in Belo Horizonte, starting from 21h/9pm (BRT).

Londrina Sercomtel 2 x 3 Soya Blumenau MP
(25/18, 22/25 , 25/22, 20/25 and 16/18

Matchday: March 04, 2011 
Arena: Moringão, Londrina (PR)
Game Time: 150m
Top scorer: Schueroff (Soya Blumenau) and De Paula (Londrina)
- 20pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Schueroff (Soya Blumenau)
Attendance: 3.144


LONDRINA/SERCOMTEL – Canhoto, De Paula, Renato, Gaúcho, Marc and Marcelo. Líbero - Alan
Replacements – Guilherme, Hister, Pedrinho and Sorriso
Head Coach – Chiquita

SOYA/BLUMENAU/MART PLUS – China, Dariel Cortina, Evandro, Digão, Athos and Juliano. Líbero - Jairzinho
Replacements – Fabiano, Tarcísio, Evandro and Schueroff
Head Coach – André Donegá

Complete Match Stats: HERE [in Portuguese]
Source: CBV [in Portuguese]
Watch Full Match: HERE 

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