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Photo Gallery [MSL FINALS]


Photo Gallery [WSL FINALS]

Photo Gallery [MSL PLAYOFFS] Quarter Finals, Round 1

QF2 - Cimed Florianópolis x Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba

QF1 - SESI São Paulo x Medley Campinas

Photo Gallery - [Week] March 6 to March 12, 2011

Unilever Rio de Janeiro x Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba

Usiminas Minas x Sollys Osasco

Unilever Rio de Janeiro x Banana Boat Praia Clube Uberlândia

Photo Gallery - [Week] February 22 to February 28, 2011

SESI São Paulo x Medley Campinas

Pinheiros Sky x Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba

Sollys Osasco x Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba


Pinheiros Mackenzie x Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba

Photo Gallery - [Week] January 26 to February 01, 2011

Unilever Rio de Janeiro x Sollys Osasco

Photo Gallery - [Week] January 07-13, 2011.

Photos: Alexandre Arruda / CBV

Photos: CBV

Photo Gallery - [Week] January 01-06, 2011.

Photos:  Alexandre Arruda/CBV

Photo Gallery - [Week] December 19-25, 2010.  

With the participation of Murilo (right), voted best 2010 male athlete of Brazil on Monday, Sesi defeated BMG / São Bernardo in the away match by 3 sets to 0

On the day that revealed the internal crisis with layoffs of Rodrigão and Marcelinho, Pinheiros/Sky enters the court against Sao Caetano by MSL

Without Marcelinho and Rodrigão, Giba and Gustavo command Pinheiros/Sky in 3-1 win over Sao Caetano by Superliga

Source: Alexandre Arruda/CBV/Divulgação

Unilever celebrates eighth title in Rio - the seventh in a row - after a 3-0 victory over Macaé

Head Coach Bernardinho commanding his team to victory over Macaé by 3-0

Newly hired, opposite Sheila wins first title playing for Unilever with 3-0 victory over Macaé
Source: Fernando Soutello/adorofoto/Divulgação

Photo Gallery - [Week] December 13-18, 2010.

Vôlei Futuro x Usiminas - Dec. 16, 2010. Source: VoleiFuturo

Foto da notícia

 Unilever has secured the fifth success in the Superliga 10/11 against Macaé Sports, in Macaé (RJ) (Dec.17). Source: CBV

Gustavo attacks in the Pinheiros/Sky victory by 3-0 over São Bernardo, in duel delayed from the first round of men's Superleague. Source: Alexandre Arruda/CBV

Pinheiros/Sky players celebrate point in a 3-0 victory over São Bernardo in showdown delayed from the first round of men's Superleague. Source: Alexandre Arruda/CBV/Divulgação

Photo Gallery - [Week] December 6 to 12, 2010.

Soya Blumenal defense attempts to block São Caetano player.
Photo: Alexandre Arruda/CBV

Classic match between Vôlei Futuro against Pinheiros Sky.
Photos: Vôlei Futuro/Divulgação

Photo: Alexandre Arruda/CBV

Vôlei Futuro Cuban player Camejo celebrate with teammates.
Photo: Vôlei Futuro/Divulgação

Pinheiros Mackenzie won another match.
Photos: Alexandre Arruda/CBV

Sollys Osasco, with players like Camila Brait, Carol Albuquerque, Ana Tiemi and Adenizia, won their last match before the Club World Championship.

Photos: Fabio Rubinato/Divulgação

Old Gallery

Paulista State Championship match between Sesi and Medley.

Photo: Leandro I. Nagatoshi/Divulgação

Vôlei Futuro newest acquisitions for the 2010/2011 Superliga's season, the americans Stacy Sykora (left) and Alisha Glass (right). Sykora was the best líbero in this year's World Championship.
Sykora and Alisha in action.
 Photos: Fernanda Gobi

The American volleyball player Nicole Fawcett (left) and the Cuban player Herrera (right) are the stars of Usiminas/Minas.

US National Team middle hitters Russell Holmes is the newest VIVO/Minas acquisition for the 2010/2011 Superliga's regular season. Source:
Cuban young star Camejo plays for Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba. Source: Vôlei Futuro

Leandro Vissotto, Mário Jr. and Lucão in the press conference. Source: Vôlei Futuro