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[CARNIVOLLEY EDITION] Vôlei Futuro collects controversies

Special Carnivolley Ed. 2.

Biggest investment of the season and the team that most developed its infra-structure and organization, Vôlei Futuro emerged as one of the favorites to win the men's Superleague title. Inside the courts, still seeks progress. Outside of them, is the absolute leader in one query: is the most annoying team to face, according to coaches and players. And the team of Araçatuba has collected some controversies this season. Check out the Top 5:

5 - Issues with Cimed

Montagem UOL/DivulgaçãoCimed Florianópolis and Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba made a beautiful, heated and contested match, ended only after five sets. But a confusion after the match stole the show and overshadowed the victory of the Santa Catarina team. The middle blocker Luizinho (right) of the Vôlei Futuro and Jardel (center) of Cimed, began a discussion and came to be reported by physical aggression. Eventually absolved, but were qualified in another article of the Code of Sports Justice and got two game suspension. The libero Daniel (left), which wasnt even related for the match by the team of Araçatuba, invaded the court and was also punished.

4- Controversy among fellow Brazilian NT teammates
The libero Escadinha, and the opposite Leandro Vissotto were companions of Brazilian team. But when defending different colors, the world champions had a disagreement. Sesi defender refused to shake hands of his rival of Vôlei Futuro after the 2nd leg of the Paulista Championship final  after saying that Vissotto disrespected the team of the Paulista capital. The giant of Araçatuba crossed the net and was charge explanations. Daniel came into confusion. In the return match, the players got along and greeted each other. The setter Ricardinho celebrated being out of the controversy.

3 - Indignation of VIVO/Minas
Alexandre Arruda/CBV/Divulgação
In another close game and ended only after five sets, the VôleiFuturo participated in another controversy. VIVO Minas lost at home and complained a lot of the referee, which would help the team from São Paulo, according the team from Minas. Experienced, Henrique was reported for offending the referee and was suspended for four games. Two other players also got suspensions. VIVO Minas Officers were punished with fines and suspension and the club even lost home advantage of the court. But shortly after the STJD announced reduction in some sentences.

2- World Champion suspended
Vôlei Futuro/Divulgação

In the Sogipa win by 3 to 2 over Vôlei Futuro, the Líbero Mario Jr, World Champion with the NT, said to the referees: "You, you and you is a thief, I am National Team" reportedly in the summary. With the attitude, the player was denounced under Article 258 of the Code of Sports Justice: "take any conduct contrary to the discipline or the ethics of sport. " Eventually suspended for one match only.

1- Volta Redonda makes denounce, due to aggressions
Alexandre Arruda/CBV/Divulgação
The Volta Redonda was defeated in a duel of the 6th round of re-turn. One day after the setback, the team of the Rio de Janeiro state, issued a statement criticizing the refereeing of the match completed in five sets and also denounced aggressions in the gym of Vôlei Futuro in Araçatuba (SP). The club even made a police report. The coach of Volta Redonda accuses Cezar Douglas from Vôlei Futuro of throwing him out. But in conversation with UOL Esporte, the Vôlei Futuro denied the aggression and argued that the coach of Araçatuba only not greeted the rival coach.

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