Monday, March 21, 2011

[REVIEW] WSL - Unilever overcomes Sollys / Osasco and duels against BMG / São Bernardo in the playoffs

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The last round of the qualifying stage of Superleague Women 10/11  had the duel of the biggest winners of the competition: Sollys / Osasco (SP) and Unilever (RJ). In this SATURDAY (19.3) in the duel which brought together most of the players of the Brazilian National Team, the team from Rio went to the gym Jose Liberatti, Osasco (SP), and defeated the Sao Paulo team, defending champions of the competition by 3 sets to 0 (25/17, 25/19 and 25/19).

The last spot of the playoffs went to the Banana Boat / Praia Clube (MG), which defeated, by comeback, the São Caetano (SP), by 3 sets to 1 (20/25, 25/19, 25/18 and 25 / 20)in the gymnasium of Praia Clube, in Uberlandia (MG). In addition to the classification, the Minas Gerais team still managed to finish in seventh place, above the BMG / São Bernardo (SP), which was defeated by Vôlei Futuro (SP), by 3 sets to 1 (25/14, 25/20, 19/25 and 25/22) in the gymnasium Placido Rocha in Araçatuba.

With this, Unilever will face the BMG / Sao Bernardo in the quarter-finals, while the Sollys / Osasco duel against Banana Boat / Praia Clube. The other duels will be: Vôlei Futuro against Macaé Sports and Pinheiros / Mackenzie against Usiminas / Minas.

Sheilla is the highlight again

After scoring 31 points in the game against Pinheiros / Mackenzie, the opposite of Unilever Sheilla was the highlight of the match. With 17 points, Sheilla was the top scorer of the match. Another highlight of the Rio team was Dani Lins. The setter was voted best on court and received the trophy VivaVôlei.

Sollys Osasco 0 x 3 Unilever Rio de Janeiro
(17/25, 19/25 and 19/25

Matchday: March 19, 2011 
Arena: José Liberatti, Osasco (SP)
Game Time: 81m
Top scorer: Sheilla Castro
(Unilever) - 17pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Dani Lins (Unilever)
Attendance: 4.000


SOLLYS/OSASCO – Carol Albuquerque, Natália, Sassá, Thaís, Adenízia and Thaísa. Líbero – Camila Brait
Replacements – Juliana, Samara and Ana Tiemi
Head Coach – Luizomar de Moura

UNILEVER – Dani Lins, Sheilla, Mari, Régis, Vasleskinha and Juciely. Líbero – Fabi
Replacements – Amanda and Suelle.
Head Coach – Bernardinho

Complete Match Stats: HERE [in Portuguese]
Source: CBV [in Portuguese] 

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