Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cimed Florianópolis thrashes Blumenau in the last game of 2010

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Cimed's next game will be against Sada Cruzeiro in January 5
A Santa Catarina's clash was the last game of the Superliga Men's Volleyball in 2010. This THURSDAY (Dec.30), Cimed (SC) and Soya / Blumenau / Plus Mart (SC) dueled in the Capoeirão's Gymnasium in Florianopolis. Better for Cimed, current title holders of the competition, who won by 3 sets to 0 (25/19, 25/12 and 25/19). The match ended the 11th round of the turn. 

Cimed Florianópolis 3 x 0 Soya Blumenau Mart Plus
(25/19, 25/12 and 25/19)

Matchday: December 30, 2010
Capoeirão's Gymnasium, Florianopolis (SC)
Game time: 76min
Game's scorer:
Renato (Cimed Florianópolis) –  12 pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Renato (Cimed Florianópolis)


Cimed Florianópolis
Bruno, Bob, Renato, João Paulo, Jardel and Éder. Líbero - Thales
Replacements – Joel, Anderson, Léo and Rafael
Head Coach – Marcos Pacheco

Soya Blumenau Mart PlusChina, Rodrigo, Evandro, Digão, Athos and Tarcísio. Líbero - Jairzinho
Replacements – Marcos, Fabiano, Cortina and Luan
Head Coach – André Donegá

Source: CBV [in Portuguese]
Watch Full Match: HERE

[LIVE STREAMS] MS - Cimed Florianópolis x Soya Blumenau MP

Watch Brazilian SuperLeague match between Cimed Florianópolis and Soya Blumenau Mart Plus this thursday, dec. 30, 21h (9pm/), live in the link below:


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[REVIEW] WSL - BMG/Sao Bernardo says goodbye to 2010 with victory

Thaisinha (right) lead São Bernardo in the last WSL match of 2010.

In the last game of the year in the Super League Women's Volleyball 10/11, the winner was BMG / Sao Bernardo (SP). The team from São Paulo State took 2h08m. to overcome BMG / Mackenzie (MG) in the tiebreak, partial 25/20, 21/25, 25/22, 20/25 and 15/11, at Arena BMG, in Belo Horizonte. With the result, the team coached by Jose Alexandre Devesa secured their second win in six games.

BMG Mackenzie 2 x 3 BMG São Bernardo
(20/25, 25/21, 22/25, 25/20 and 11/15)

Matchday: December 28, 2010
Arena: Arena BMG, Belo Horizonte (MG)

Game time: 128min
Game's scorer:
Priscila (BMG/Mackenzie) –  32 pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Thaisinha (BMG/São Bernardo)


BMG Mackenzie
Tati, Marci, Priscila Daroit, Gabi, Vivi and Lígia. Líbero – Arlene
Replacements –Pri Heldes, Vivi Cruz and Wime
Head Coach – Ricardo Picinin

BMG São BernardoKátia, Renata, Mari, Thaisinha, Aline and Bia. Líbero – Marcinha
Replacements – Macris, Thais, Ana, Bruna and Helô
Head Coach – José Alexandre Devesa

Source: CBV [in Portuguese]
Watch Full Match: HERE

Sunday, December 26, 2010

[REVIEW] MSL - Pinheiros/Sky beats Sao Caetano/Tamoyo

Foto da notícia
Pinheiros / Sky of Giba and Gustavo (photo), guarantees the seventh win

After losing to the leader Sesi-SP in the last match, Pinheiros/Sky (SP) has managed the rehabilitation in the Men's Volleyball SuperLeague 10/11. In this WEDNESDAY (12/22) in the postponed second round clash of the competition, the team coached by Mauro Grasso surpassed São Caetano/Tamayo (SP) by 3 sets to 1 (23/25, 25/19, 25/23 and 25/12), at the gym Lauro Gomes, Sao Caetano do Sul (SP).

São Caetano/Tamoyo 1 x 3 Pinheiros/Sky
(25/23, 19/25, 23/25 and 12/25)

Matchday: December 22, 2010
Arena: Lauro Gomes, São Caetano do Sul (SP)

Game time: 105min
Game's scorer:
Urso (São Caetano/Tamoyo) –  15 pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Léo (Pinheiros/Sky)


São Caetano/Tamoyo
Fred, Urso, Baroni, Bruno, Moises and Ricardo. Líbero - Rinco
Replacements – Neguinho, Pé, Deivid, Chris and Jô
Head Coach – Antonio Ângelo Gonçalves (Tonico)

Pinheiros/SkyMurilo, Tuba, Giba, Maurício, Gustavo and Silêncio. Líbero - Felipe
Replacements – Léo, Aureliano, Reffatti, Aranha and Thiaguinho
Head Coach – Mauro Grasso

Source: CBV [in Portuguese]

[REVIEW] WSL- Vôlei Futuro reaches fifth victory

Foto da notícia
Araçatuba team still unbeaten in WSL

Five games and five wins. So was Vôlei Futuro's (SP) campaign in 2010 in theWomen's Volleyball SuperLeague 10/11. On Tuesday (12/21), the team received BMG / Mackenzie (MG) in Araçatuba and reached the fifth victory, winning by 3 sets to 1 (25/15, 25/12, 21/25 and 25/12) . The match, postponed from the second round, was held in the Placido Rocha Gymnasium.

 Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba 3 x 1 BMG/Mackenzie
(25/15, 25/12, 21/25 and 25/12)

Matchday: December 21, 2010
Arena: Plácido Rocha, Araçatuba (SP)

Game time: 105min
Game's scorer:
Paula Pequeno (Vôlei Futuro) and Priscila Daroit (BMG/Mackenzie) –  14 pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Fabiana (Vôlei Futuro)


Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba
Alisha Glass, Joycinha, Tandara, Paula Pequeno, Fabiana and Fernanda.
Líbero - Sykora
Replacements – Andressa, Ana Cristina, Elis and Stephany
Head Coach – William Carvalho

BMG/MackenzieTati, Marci, Priscila Daroit, Angélica, Vivi and Lígia. Líbero - Arlene
Replacements – Samantha, Aline, Priscila Heldes and Vivi Cruz
Head Coach – Ricardo Picinin

Source: CBV [in Portuguese]


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[REVIEW] MS - Medley / Campinas overcoming losing streak.

With the support of the crowd that packed the Taquaral's gymnasium in Campinas (SP), Medley / Campinas (SP) ended the run of six defeats and came back to win in the Superleague Men's Volleyball 10/11. On Tuesday (Dec.21), the opponent was the Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba (SP), team of world champions Ricardo, Mario Jr. and Leandro Vissotto. The hosts won by 3 sets to 2 (23/25, 26/24 , 22/25, 25/20 and 15 / 9) and achieved the third victory in the competition.

Medley/Campinas 3 x 2 Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba
(23/25, 26/24, 22/25, 25/20 e 15/9)

Matchday: December 21, 2010
Arena: Taquaral, Campinas (SP)

Game time: 143min
Game's scorer:
André Lukianetz (Medley/Campinas) –  22 pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Gelinski (Medley/Campinas)


Daniel, Jamelão, André, Mão, Gustavão and André Heller. Líbero - Lukinha
Replacements – Wanderson, Gelinski, Thiago Sens, Robinho and Franco
Head Coach – Caca Bizzocchi

Vôlei FuturoRicardinho, Leandro Vissotto, Camejo, Dentinho, Michael and Aurélio. Líbero – Mário Jr.
Replacements – João Ricardo, Leandro, Mineiro, Iznaga and Luizinho
Head Coach – Cezar Douglas Silva

Source: CBV [in Portuguese]
Watch Full Match: HERE

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[LIVE STREAMS] MS - Medley/Campinas x Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba

 Watch Brazilian SuperLeague match between Medley/Campinas and Vôlei Futuro this tuesday, dec. 21, 21h (9pm), live in the link below:


Monday, December 20, 2010

[REVIEW] WS - Pinheiros / Mackenzie continues without losing

Foto da notícia
The opposite Lia, from Pinheiros / Mackenzie, was the highest scorer
Source: CBV
Pinheiros / Mackenzie (SP) reached its third victory in the Women's SuperLeague 10/11. On Monday (dec. 20), the current Paulistas champions went to Sao Bernardo do Campo (SP), where they dueled with BMG / Sao Bernardo (SP), in the Baetão's Gymnasium and won by 3 sets to 1 (25 / 13 , 25/20, 26/28 and 25/20), maintaining their unbeaten record in the competition. The match was postponed from the third round.

BMG São Bernardo  1 x 3 Pinheiros Mackenzie
(25 / 13 , 25/20, 26/28 and 25/20)

 Matchday: December 20, 2010
Arena: Baetão, São Bernardo do Campo (SP)

Game time: 111min
Game's scorer: Lia (Pinheiros/Mackenzie) –  23 pts

VivaVôlei Trophy: Soninha (Pinheiros/Mackenzie)


“Time da Casa”
Kátia, Mari, Bruna, Renata Lúcia, Bia and Dani Scott. Líbero - Marcinha
Replacements – Macris, Thaisinha, Aline, Ana and Thais.
Head Coach – José Alexandre Devesa

“Time Visitante”Fabíola, Lia, Ivna, Soninha, Marina and Natália. Líbero – Michelle Daldegan
Replacements – Verônica, Ana Carolina, Karine and Juliana Costa.
Head Coach – Paulo Coco

CBV [in Portuguese]