Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[REVIEW] WSL - Sollys / Osasco thrashes Pinheiros / Mackenzie and ensures the second place of the turn

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Jaqueline attacks against the block of Pinheiros / Mackenzie
Nothing like a day after another. If in the loss to Unilever (RJ), the player Jaqueline was the most criticized, this TUESDAY (1/2), she had a gala performance and helped Sollys / Osasco (SP) beat the Pinheiros / Mackenzie (SP) by 3 sets to 0 (25/22, 25/11 and 25/22) in gymnasium José Liberatti, Osasco (SP). With the result, the Sollys / Osasco assumed the vice leadership of the Superleague Womens 10/11.

The Pinheiros / Mackenzie started the match with many mistakes in attack. Thus, Sollys / Osasco opened 9 / 4. In a counterattack from the outside hitter Soninha, Pinheiros / Mackenzie led the Scoreboard for the first time (18/17). The team of Osasco tied the set with an ace of Olympic champion Jaqueline (22/22). Then turned the partial, with a block of the opposite Natalia on the Outside Hitter Ju Costa (23/22). Jaqueline made another point of serve and Sollys / Osasco closed the partial in 25/22.

After winning the first set, the home team came back even better for the second partial. In the first technical time, the advantage already was six points (8 / 2). The difference increased over the set, and with ease, Sollys / Osasco, led by Jaqueline, clinched the set on 25/11.

In the third set, coach Paul Coco changed the team of Pinheiros / Mackenzie and put the outside hitters Veronica and Ivna in the place of the experienced Soninha and Ju Costa, respectively. The change took effect and the current Sao Paulo State champions balanced the beginning of the set, despite the advantage still being of Sollys / Osasco (8 / 6). But in the final stretch, the home team imposed themselves and closed the set on 25/22, in an attack of the setter Carol Albuquerque.

Pinheiros / Mackenzie and Sollys / Osasco have marked a new confrontation. In this SATURDAY (05.02), both teams will premiere in the re-turn, at 15h, in the gym Henrique Villaboin, Sao Paulo (SP). The game will be broadcast live from the channel Sportv.
Sollys Osasco 3 x 0 Pinheiros Mackenzie
(25/22, 25/11 and 25/22)

Matchday: February 01, 2011
José Liberatti, Osasco (SP)
Game time: 81min
Game's scorer: Natália (Sollys Osasco
) –  15 pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Jaqueline (Sollys Osasco)
Attendance: 2.850


PINHEIROS/MACKENZIE – Fabíola, Lia, Soninha, Jú Costa, Marina and Natalia. Líbero – Michelle
Replacements – Verônica, Karine, Ivna and Ana Carolina
Head Coach – Paulo Coco

SOLLYS/OSASCO – Carol, Natália, Jaqueline, Sassá, Adenízia and Thaissa . Líbero – Camila
Replacements – Thaís, Ana Tiemi and Samara
Head Coach – Luizomar de Moura

Complete Match Stats: HERE [in Portuguese]
Source: CBV [in Portuguese]
Watch Full Match: HERE

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