Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[PREVIEW] Double Tuesday in the Arena Vivo in Belo Horizonte

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Sunday was all about of victories for teams of Minas, in the Superleague Volleyball 10/11. And this TUESDAY (8/2), another double round stir the Arena Vivo in Belo Horizonte. From 19h, Usiminas / Minas (MG) will receive the VôleiFuturo (SP), for the women's competition. Later, at 21h, the men's team of Vivo / Minas (MG) duel against Londrina / Sercomtel (PR). Both games will be broadcast live on channel Sportv.
In the last round, Usiminas / Minas defeated BMG / Mackenzie (MG), the classic miner, by 3 sets to 2. Already the Vivo / Minas defeated Pinheiros / Sky (SP) and won by the same score that had lost in the first turn: 3 sets to 1.

Usiminas / Minas has two foreigners in the squad: the outside hitter Cuban Herrera, and opposite American Nicole Fawcett. In the last game, Nicole was the highest scorer and scored 34 points.

The two athletes are among the highest scorer in the Superleague. The Cuban takes third place with 204 points scored, while the U.S. is the fifth-placed, with 196 hits. In the attack, Herrera is in second place with 27.96% efficiency, while Nicole is placed seventh, with 21.74%.
In Vôlei Futuro, the highlight is the outside hitter Tandara. The attacker is placed fourth in the ranking of attack, with 24.79% efficiency. Among the scorers, Tandara has scored 168 points and is ranked ninth.

And the confrontation between the teams in the turn was just Tandara that made a difference and was elected the best of that game. In Araçatuba, the Vôlei Futuro won by 3 sets to 1.

Vivo / Minas and Londrina / Sercomtel are direct rivals in the standings. The teams have the same number of points, 29, and the difference is in the set-average. The Minas team has averaged 1.182, and occupies the sixth place, while the time of Paraná have 1.179 and is in seventh place.
In the first turn, the teams dueled in Londrina. Best for the Minas team, which won by 3 sets to 0. At the time, the setter Marlon, of the Vivo / Minas, was named best on court and received the trophy VivaVôlei.

10.02 (THURSDAY) – BMG/São Bernardo x BMG/Montes Claros, 19h, Gymnasium Adib Moysés Dib, in São Bernardo do Campo (SP).
10.02 (THURSDAY) – Medley/Campinas x Fátima/Medquímic/Sogipa, 19h30, Taquaral Gym, in Campinas (SP).
10.02 (THURSDAY) – Vôlei Futuro x Volta Redonda, 20h, Plácido Rocha Gym, in Araçatuba (SP).
08.02 (TUESDAY) – Vivo/Minas x Londrina/Sercomtel, 21h, Arena Vivo, in Belo Horizonte (MG). SPORTV
12.02 (SATURDAY) – Sada Cruzeiro x Santo André/Spread, 17h, Divino Braga Gym, in Betim (MG).
10.02 (THURSDAY) – Pinheiros/Sky x Soya/Blumenau/Mart Plus, 20h30, Henrique Villaboin Gym, in São Paulo (SP)
10.02 (THURSDAY) – Sesi-SP x Cimed, 21h, Sesi Gym, Vila Leopoldina, in São Paulo (SP). SPORTV

10.02 (THURSDAY) – Pauta/São José x Pinheiros/Mackenzie, 20h, São José Gym, in São José (SC)
10.02 (THURSDAY) – Unilever x São Caetano, 19h30, Tijuca Tênis Clube, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
07.02 (MONDAY) – Macaé Sports x BMG/São Bernardo, 18h30, Municipal Gym, in Macaé (RJ). SPORTV
08.02 (TUESDAY) – Usiminas/Minas x Vôlei Futuro, 19h, Arena Vivo, in Belo Horizonte (MG). SPORTV
09.02 (WEDNESDAY) – BMG/Mackenzie x Banana Boat/Praia Clube, 20h30, Arena BMG, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
10.02 (THURSDAY) - Brusque x Sollys/Osasco, 19h30, Arena Multiuso, in Brusque (SC).

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