Saturday, January 15, 2011

[REVIEW] WSL - Sollys / Osasco beats Vôlei Futuro in the Paulista duel and remains unbeaten

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Sollys / Osasco goes unchallenged: six wins in six games
In the duel which brought together 10 players from national teams on the court, nine of Brazil and one of the United States, the Sollys / Osasco (SP) took first place. This FRIDAY (14.01), the team of Jaqueline, Sassá, Thaísa, Natalia, Camila Brait and Adenízia surpassed the Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba (SP) of Fabiana, Paula, Joycinha and Sykora by 3 sets to 0: 25/19, 26/24 and 25/21, at the gym Placido Rocha in Araçatuba. The match opened the seventh round of the Superleague Women's Volleyball 10/11.

With six victories in six matches, Sollys / Osasco reached 12 points and equaled the campaign of Unilever (RJ), the leader of the competition. With one game more, the Vôlei Futuro racked the second successive home defeat, but also reached 12 points. In the last round, the team from Araçatuba lost to undefeated Pinheiros / Mackenzie (SP) by 3 sets to 0.

The team from Araçatuba will seek rehabilitation in Superliga 10/11 next Friday (21/01), at 19h, against Macaé Sports (RJ), in another game in the gym Placido Rocha. A day earlier, on Thursday (20/01) at 19:30, the Sollys / Osasco defend their unbeaten record against Usiminas / Minas (MG), in the José Liberatti gym, in Osasco. 

Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba 0 x 3 Sollys Osasco
(19/25, 24/26 and 21/25)   

 Matchday: January 14, 2011
Plácido Rocha gym, Araçatuba (SP)
Game time: 95min
Game's scorer: Adenizia
(Sollys Osasco) –  14 pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Adenizia (Sollys Osasco)


VÔLEI FUTURO - Ana Cristina, Joycinha, Paula Pequeno, Neneca, Fabiana and Andressa. Líbero – Stacy Sykora
Replacements: Gritz, Stephany, Vivi and Elis
Head Coach– William Carvalho

SOLLYS/OSASCO – Carol Albuquerque, Natália, Jaque, Sassá, Thaísa and Adenízia. Líbero – Camila Brait
Replacements: Thais, Ana Tiemi and Samara
Head Coach – Luizomar de Moura

Source: CBV [in Portuguese]
Watch Full Match: HERE

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