Monday, January 24, 2011

[REVIEW] MSL - Sesi-SP overcomes Pinheiros / SKY at the end of 1st round of the return

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SESI keeps the lead with a win over Pinheiros.

The expected duel between the Pinheiros / SKY and Sesi-SP, ended with victory of the best campaign team in the Superleague Men's 10/11. The team from Vila Leopoldina overcame Pinheiros / SKY this MONDAY (24/01) by 3 sets to 1 (25/22, 21/25, 25/20 and 25/20) at the gym Henrique Villaboin In São Paulo (SP). In the third set of the match, Olympic champion Giba suffered a sprained left ankle and had to leave the game.

With the result, SESI-SP maintained its leadership of the tournament with 31 points and just one defeat. The Pinheiros / SKY is in fourth place with 25 points and five negative results.

The match started well balanced. but after two consecutive blocks of middle blocker Sidão, Sesi-Sp advantage was four points 7 / 3. With the setter Sandro using balls speed of central Thiago Barth and Sidão effectively, Sesi-Sp clinched the set in an attack from the opposite, Wallace, on 25/22.

The Pinheiros / SKY came back better in the second set, and a yellow card for the libero Serginho (punished for dissent) opened 4 / 0. In a touch the net of Murilo, the advantage of the home team went into four points 16/12. Sesi-Sp committed many errors, and Pinheiros / Sky clinched the set on 25/21 tying the game.

The beginning of the third set began with a sad event. The outside hitter Giba, triple world champion, injured his left ankle in a fall, after the attempted block on your mate of National Team Murilo. Giba was replaced by the outside hitter Reffatti. Even without the Olympic champion, who was the leading scorer with 11 points in the clash, Pinheiros / Sky kept the game balanced, until three consecutive errors - two invasions by the setter Murilo, and a lifting mistake of middle hitter Silêncio-, Sesi-Sp opened 15/12. The team from Vila Leopoldina kept the lead until the end, and closed the set on 25/20. 

The fourth set was marked by many mistakes of both teams. When serving better and counting on a good performance of central Thiago Barth, SESI-SP clinched the set on 25/20 and the match in 3 sets to 1.

The next clash of Pinheiros / Sky in the competition will be on Thursday (27/01), 20h30 against the BMG / São Bernardo (SP), in the gym Adib Moyses Dib, São Paulo (SP). Sesi-SP will face the BMG / São Bernardo, on Saturday (1.29) at 18h, in the gym Vila Leopoldina in São Paulo (SP).

Pinheiros Sky 1 x 3 SESI São Paulo
(22/25, 25/21, 20/25 and 20/25)

Matchday: January 24, 2011
Henrique Villaboin, São Paulo (SP)
Game time: 108min
Game's scorer: Sidão
(SESI-SP) –  16 pts
VivaVôlei Trophy: Thiago Barth (SESI-SP)
Attendance: 1.200

PINHEIROS/SKY – Murilo, Tuba, Maurício, Giba, Silêncio and Gustavo. Líbero – Polaco
Replacements – Leo, Vinhedo, Reffatti and Aureliano.
Head Coach – Mauro Grasso

SESI-SP – Sandro, Wallace, Murilo, Japa, Sidão and Thiago Barth. Líbero – Escadinha
Replacements – Jotinha, Léo and Thiago Alves.
Head Coach – Giovane Gávio

Complete Match Stats: HERE [in Portuguese]
Source: CBV [in Portuguese]
Watch Full Match: HERE

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