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So, after one of the greatest editions of the Brazilian Volleyball Superleague so far, with lots of stars on the court, strong attendance numbers and excellent tv ratings, now we have some time to rest and see what the future is planning to the teams and players. Read some intringuing news about the off-season movement:

Rio de Janeiro's team in the 2011/2012 edition of the MSL

One of the major questions about the MSL until now is how one big-market city like Rio de Janeiro hasn't a team in the major professional volleyball league of Brazil. Well, things have changed now, as the richest man of Brazil, a.k.a. Eike Batista, is creating the so expected "Carioca" team.
The team is named RJX and already signed Superstar players like the olympic champions and three-time World Champion Dante (from Dynamo Moscow-RUS) and the Brazilian International Lucão Saatkamp (from Vôlei Futuro-BRA).

PINHEIROS (SP) out of the 2011/2012 MSL season, Florianópolis stronger than ever

New Team of the Cimed/SKY Florianópolis: Gustavo, Pacheco, Bruninho, Giba, Éder and João Paulo.

The major sponsor of Pinheros in the past season, SKY, left the team to join CIMED in Florianópolis to build a Superteam for the 2011/2012 season of the Men's Superleague. As a result, the professional men's team of Pinheiros closed its doors.

Cimed Florianópolis not only kept key players like Éder and the NT setter Bruninho, but gained Giba and Gustavo from SKY. These two was the stars of Pinheiros last season, but now will play in the Superteam of the most-German State of Brazil.

Stacy Sykora leaves U.S. hospital and visits the U.S.N.T. trainning camp.
news from: 20/may/2011

Eleita melhor líbero do Mundial, Stacy Sykora não vê a hora de jogar novamente

After 36 days of the accident that took out the libero Stacy Sykora U.S. from the semifinals of the women's volleyball super league, the player, finally left, on Thursday, 19/May, the California Hospital Casa Colina, specializing in neurological treatments. Before traveling to California, the player had spent 26 days hospitalized in Brazil.

Voted best libero of the last World Championship, Stacy Sykora attended the gym where her team mates was trainning and was very excited to visit the players and coaching staff.

Sykora made sure of remembering the support she received from fans during the time she was hospitalized and thanked. "It was absolutely incredible, " said Sykora. "I can not even describe the happiness. This support made ​​me feel so wonderful inside. Knowing that many people really care about me, it meant a lot to me. "

Sykora is expected to return to play for Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba in the beggining of the 2011/2012 WSL season.

The return of the Legend. Fernanda Venturini is back on the court!

Fernanda Venturini encerra aposentadoria pela terceira vez e volta às quadras com 40 anos. Levantadora disse que audiência das filhas foi um dos motivos que a fizeram tomar esta decisão
Fernanda Venturini ends retirement for the third time and return to the court with 40 years. Setter said hearing the daughters was one of the reasons that made ​​her make this decision

The setter Fernanda Venturini said with good humor, the fact of being coached by her husband Bernardinho at Unilever. The player of 40 years announced that will be back on the court to play in the Superliga and said that one of the reasons for the decision was the fact that his daughters could watch her play.

The new player of Unilever, again said she does not think to return to the Brazilian National team, though believing she will readjust easy to professional sports.

SESI will place a women's team for the next season.

The current MSL champions plans to double their chance of titles, placing a WSL team in the 2011/2012 edition of the Womens Superleague. And they're already working hard. The front office already signed players like the current WSL champion Dani Lins (from Unilever RJ-BRA) and Marina Daloca (Pinheiros São Paulo-BRA).

Former player Virna seeking sponsorship to build a team in Balneario Camboriu.

Town from the state of Santa Catarina and with approximately 100 000 residents, Camboriú may soon gain a women's volleyball team.

The project started from the former-player Virna.

The former athlete of the Brazilian team seeks companies interested in investing in the sport.

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